Bronze Bird Tower out soon!


Bronze Bird Tower: Dragonkeeper 6 will be published on 1 March. It follows the adventures of Tao and Kai when they finally find the Dragon Haven. It is the final book in the Dragonkeeper series.

I started planning the first Dragonkeeper book way back in 2000, and Dragonkeeper was published in 2003. I didn’t know that it would become a series back then. I never dreamt that I would still be writing stories set in the Dragonkeeper world of ancient China in 2016, or that I would eventually write seven Dragonkeeper books.

I had a lot of fun (and some anxiety!) writing this book. I will miss Tao and especially Kai a lot.

3 responses to “Bronze Bird Tower out soon!

  1. OH MY GOSH CAROLE I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited, can’t wait 🙂

    I’m sure it’ll be amazing, I have to admit though, I’ll miss Tao and Kai to, it’s sad that their journey is about to come to an end. 🙁


  2. I just finished reading bronze bird tower I bought it as soon as it came out, I really hope you make another book!! I really am interested in how the dragons pairs will turn out, mostly how Sunila and Bai Xue what there offspring will look like. This book was amazing and hopefully this series hasn’t come to an end just yet!!

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