Shadow Sister Cover

Shadow Sister, the fifth book in the Dragonkeeper series will be available from
1st May.

I have just received an advance copy, so I can finally show off the cover. It’s another gorgeous piece of art from Sonia Kretschmar. I love it!




3 responses to “Shadow Sister Cover

  1. WOW that is so cool! What bookshops can I buy the book in? Does the release date count for New Zealand as well as Australia?

  2. Hi Carol,
    I am a huge fan of your books and I simply cant get enough of them! 🙂 I have been a fan of your Dragon Keeper series ever since I was 9 (now I’m 15) and now I am psyched to see a new one coming out!! Thank you so much for this haha, I can’t brag enough to my friends how amazing the series is!
    I know this is kind of a stupid question but will there be a movie(s) for the series? Because it would probably be one of the best movies ever made that was based off of a book! I would love to know if there is a chance or not of that happening 🙂
    Thank you for reading!

  3. I did not know that there is a fith part of the dragon keepers series. Is that Long Danzi on the cover? Becausein the first book of the dragon keepers series Kai is described as purple. And on this cover the horns from the dragon also do not look like the ones from the first book of the series

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