It’s Dragonkeeper’s 10th Anniversary!


I can hardly believe it, but 10 years ago this month, the lovely Gary Crew launched Dragonkeeper at the Children’s Book Council Australia conference in Hobart. I had no idea then that, a decade later, I would be in the middle of writing a 5th Dragonkeeper book (6th if you count the prequel Dragon Dawn).

Dragonkeeper website

To celebrate this anniversary, Walker Books have launched a special Dragonkeeper website, and I have written a prologue to Blood Brothers which is downloadable and available exclusively on the website. There are other downloads too, including the Lost Letter from Ping, where you can find out in Ping’s own words what happened to her. Other exciting things are happening with the Dragonkeeper series this month.

Dragonkeeper ebooks

The books are available in ebook form! There are links to purchase the series in ebook or print form at the Dragonkeeper website. There are also first chapters of the books, if you’d like to try before you buy.

Paperback Blood Brothers

Also this month, Blood Brothers is now available in paperback. You can purchase it via the link on the Dragonkeeper website. 10th anniversary logo

2 responses to “It’s Dragonkeeper’s 10th Anniversary!

  1. Hi
    Have you noticed that on the page on your website for Dragonkeeper ( ) that most of the reviews are positive but there is one review that says “dragonkeeper is the crappiest story i’ve read”. Why would that nasty review be on your page? You should get rid of it, because your Dragonkeeper series is awesome and definitely NOT stupid.
    Also, will there be a fifth book in the Dragonkeeper series?It would be very cool if there is!

  2. Bethany,
    Sorry for my slow response. I’ve been busy finishing the 5th Dragonkeeper book, which is called Shadow Sister (so that answers your last question!). I put the reviews up on my website. Most times I pick the good reviews, but not everybody likes my books, and that one made me laugh.

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