Reader Creates Dragon Garden

Readers are often inspired to make drawings inspired by the books they read, but recently I got an email from a reader in New Zealand who has been inspired by Dragonkeeper to make a dragon garden in his backyard. And he sent me some photos. It looks lovely.

Theo has a great collection of dragons. I particularly like the red Chinese dragon with the purple spines.

He has his own blog, and you can see his photo journal on how the garden came together here.

DSC08712 DSC08710

4 responses to “Reader Creates Dragon Garden

  1. I personaly lie the black dragon on top of the rocks(second photo).By the way I’m a Sixth grader.

    Nice Work Theo!

  2. Wow Nice Job! even though this is completely on a different topic, i just re read 3 of the dragon keeper books and Oh My Gosh i AM SO SAD i wish that ping [spoilers removed]. I was shredding tears when Ping [spoilers removed].

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