Favourite Childhood Books

Just lately I have been blogging a lot about books that were important to me as a child. First as part of my blog tour and then as a guest on Michael Pryor’s blog. One book I didn’t include is an encyclopedia that was given to me when I was about eight. It’s called The New Encyclopedia for the Younger Generation. I loved the illustrations and I still do, so I thought I’d share some with you.

My very favourite is this one which likens the human body to a city. I’m not sure I learned much about the body, but I liked looking at the picture.

In the history section, it starts with ‘In the days of our grandparents’ and then at the bottom of the page it says ‘And before that?’ and it goes backwards in history one step at a time. I think that’s a better way to present history to kids than starting with dinosaurs and working forwards.

Here are some more of my favourite  pictures.



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  1. Dear Carole Wilkinson,
    Do you like my picture of Kai that I draw by myself? I sometimes do long letters but most of the time I write short ones .

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