Advance Copies of Rejacketed Dragonkeeper Trilogy

Here are the new covers for the Dragonkeeper trilogy that match the Blood Brothers cover. Aren’t they gorgeous? Thanks again to Sonia Kretschmar for such beautiful illustrations.


These new editions won’t be in the shops until May, but this weekend I will be signing at the Dymocks stand at the Supanova Convention and there will be advance copies for sale there.

Supanova should be fun. It is a pop culture convention celebrating scifi, comics, games etc etc. Guests include stars and creators of movies, TV shows and comics (eg Captain Adama from Battlestar Gallactica!).

Representing scifi and fantasy authors/illustrators will be Michael Pryor, Alison Croggon and Marc McBride.

Supanova is at the Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend. I will be on the Dymocks stand on Saturday and Sunday between 11am-3pm. Hope to see you there.

4 responses to “Advance Copies of Rejacketed Dragonkeeper Trilogy

  1. These covers look really cute, I like the style alot, but i just LOVE the old covers that we have here in Sweden.

    oh and btw, I contacted the company that have released the DragonKeeper-trio here, I asked about BloodBrothers but there was no plans what they knew about so far 🙁

    Randoom Question;

    If Kai would be living in our modern time…how many years would he be ( not asking for a direct number but, would it be about a few hundres of years or up to a thousan+ ? )

  2. Linnzy,
    Thanks for contacting the publisher. It might make a difference.
    I can tell you exactly how old Kai would be if he is still alive now, as he was born on 20th April 141 BC. It would be his 2153rd birthday this Friday!

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