Sydney and Perth

Last week I was in Sydney, where I met the good people from Walker Books. I had a free afternoon and I could have gone to the Picasso exhibition, but…I went to the Harry Potter exhibition instead (which was great, loved seeing all the robes and wands).Then I went to the Perth Writers Festival, where I had four sessions. In between I had a little time to explore those two cities. And in Perth I did a bit of dragon hunting.


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  1. hi
    im madi and ive talked to u before but i just wanted to say that your trip sounded fun
    me and my family are traveling to perth in september and id love to know the best place to go there?? any hints!
    please post back

  2. Madi,
    I was in Perth for the Perth Writers Festival, so most of the time I was there. Someone took me for a drive to Kings Park which is really lovely, and also along the suburban beaches which looked very nice.
    I hope you enjoy your trip.

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