Flash Back


One of my projects over the holidays was to scan some of the slides that we took in the 70s and 80s. I don’t know why everyone thought it was a good idea to take slides instead of photos. It means that you never look at them. Anyway it took quite a while, even though I was very selective (we have 900 slides!). But it was worth it to see all those images again. Some of my favourites are the ones we took on my first visit to China. It was a family holiday in 1987. That’s before I knew a word of Chinese, before I’d even thought about becoming a writer. Lili was six. I hennaed my hair. Only the Chinese government owned vehicles. Ordinary people couldn’t own cars.┬áChina was a very different place back then.

5 responses to “Flash Back

  1. WOW! Was it fun? Do you remember going? I want to go to china one day!! Will you ever go again.

    (How much longer until teh dragonkeeper 4 comes out???) (I AM DYING!!!)

    P.S You must must must read a book called WildWood by Colin Meloy.

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