Chatting with Lili

Lili doesn’t live far away. If I want to talk to her, I could nip over to her place in 10 minutes. She could call me on the phone if she wants to speak to me. But when we are working, we tend to communicate using Skype. Not by face to face ┬ávideo, just typing. It’s handy when I’m trying to think of a word or there’s a book I want to borrow or else I’ve got some goss I want to share. Stuff like that. Sometimes it’s just because one of us is bored.

Anyway the reason I mention this is because one of our conversations is featured on the George Ivanoff’s blog Literary Clutter.

2 responses to “Chatting with Lili

  1. It must be fun having your daugther to talk to about books! I hope her Shy Love turns out good! and same with Dragonkeeper 4. I can not WAIT! Hope you had fun eating your cake and drinking your tea! Oh and Well done on completing your Zero Draft! I am writing a novel, well in fact 2 novels. I havn’t finish my zero draft yet! I just started today!

    Anyway bye

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