Melbourne Writers Festival 2010

The Melbourne Writers Festival is over and I really enjoyed my sessions. The audiences were big and attentive which is great. And I got to chat to some of my readers afterwards at signings. I also sat in on some interesting sessions by other authors.

I particularly enjoyed my panels with other authors. It’s always great to get to know my writing colleagues and it is often only at events such as these that I get to meet them. I also got to meet the Israeli publisher, Rani Graff, who will soon be publishing Dragonkeeper. Very exciting.

At my Saturday Artplay session, the participants and I created our own dragon. It was a fearsome looking beast that comes from Indonesia, but it wasn’t the evil type of dragon. Although it breathed fire, it only used it for lighting cooking fires. It’s special skills were an ability to make plants grow and an ability to predict the future.

I would love to be able to post photos of some of the great kids I met, but unfortunately privacy considerations make that too hard (parental permission for 300 kids!). So instead I can only post pictures of me and other writers etc.

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