Q&A at Borders, Carlton

Borders has rearranged its Carlton branch and they are having a relaunch tomorrow evening. A number of authors will be there talking about their books—including me. I will be talking about my latest book Sugar Sugar which is set in the 1970s on the hippy trail across Europe and the Middle East. I will be taking along some of the items that inspired me as I wrote the book.

Time: 6pm, Thurs 5 August
Place: Borders, Lygon Court, Lygon St, Carlton.

This is what I looked like in the 1970s. My daughter thinks I looked LOL, I think I was very groovy.

5 responses to “Q&A at Borders, Carlton

  1. Lies! I think you look very spunky, especially with the cat. Also I would never misuse LOL in such a grievous manner.

  2. You look stunning! I really like the one with the cat. I love your hat. Your latest novel sounds facinating. May you explain what the book is about. Is it for teenagers to read?

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