Italian Dragonkeeper

The Italian edition of DragonkeeperLa Custode del Drago—has just been published. It’s up there on the publisher’s homepage along with Fay Weldon’s latest book, which is very exciting.

They liked the new Australian cover so much that they decided to use it too.

13 responses to “Italian Dragonkeeper

  1. I’ve got all the books with the photograph? of Ping on the front, my little brother’s just started reading it and I think it’s the only book without pictures he’s read from cover to cover (apart from Ranger’s Apprentice)

  2. Yiwen,
    I’m very pleased to hear that your brother is reading Dragonkeeper. I wonder if he’ll read the whole trilogy?

  3. wonderful !!!
    when the other in italian edition?
    very soon … I hope …

    thanks !!

  4. Rosanna,
    I don’t know when the other two books will be in Italian. Foreign publishers do not communicate with me!

  5. oh 🙁
    well … I can’t wait … I’ll try the originals … all the 3.
    thanks a lot .. and again … wonderful

  6. My teacher once read to me Dragonkeeper and I absolutely loved it. My friend and I then went on, to read, all the other books in the series. My favourtie one would still have to be Dragonkeeper. My teacher inspired me!!

  7. Camille,
    I’m glad you enjoyed reading Dragonkeeper and your friends. It’s great that your teacher read it to you.

  8. Dylan,
    The cover is the same as the latest Australian edition…except that the title is in Italian of course! I have written five dragon books.

  9. hi i live in scotland and i collect dragon keeper and am going to italy soon where do u get the italian dragonkeeper

  10. What is yang? As I noticed it near the end of Dragon Moon and looked at the index and couldn’t find it. I love your dragon keeper triology books!

  11. I thought I had explained yin and yang somewhere in the book. Maybe not. It is a Chinese philosophical concept. It is about a balance of opposites in the natural world and in us. Yang is light, active, hot, male; yin is dark, passive, cool and female. It’s one of those very Chinese things that is hard to describe in a few words. The idea is that you need a balance of both for harmony and health. Something like that.

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