Perth Writers Festival

I’m just about to leave for Perth where I will be speaking at the Perth Writers Festival. There are heaps of other authors there, so check out the link.

This will be my first public event this year. I hope I won’t lose my voice!

The venue is the University of WA.

I will be at a school event tomorrow and then….

“Worlds Apart?” with Leigh Hobbs Sat 28 Feb, 9.30 am  at the Fox Theatre

Family Day on Sunday 1 March, 9.30 am in the Kids’ Tent

“Digging Through Libraries” with Bridget Curran on Sunday 1 March, 12.30 (not sure where that will be)

Hope to see some of you there.

9 responses to “Perth Writers Festival

  1. cool!
    I wont be able because I live in Canberra!Singh!
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. hope your schedule goes well! by the way, do you have a manager who looks after your schedule and keeps you on track?

  3. Hi Carole,

    I was able to attend your Digging through Libraries session on Sunday which was marvelous. Thank you for such an entertaining and insightful time.

    I came away from the session very curious to read anything that you had written and so I purchased the Dragon Keeper at the book tent even though I am beyond the ‘younger reader’ demographic. I am just LOVING it so far. I certainly intend to read all of the books in the trilogy.

    Thanks for your time at the festival, I am positive that I am not your only ‘new’ fan.

    Kind Regards,

  4. sarah,
    no I don’t have a manager. The publicist at black dog books, does some of the arranging, but mostly it’s just me.

  5. Karen,
    Thanks for that feedback. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the session. And that you’re enjoying the books.

  6. hello carole i love your books they are so good my godfather say why do i like your books so much.

    i read dragon keeper about 10 times

    i just enjoy reading it

    thank again

    jardel bernard

  7. he said he dose not like books he dose not like reading books but for my 14 birthday i will get dragon moon

    thank you again

    Jardel Bernard

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