New Dragonkeeper Book

I have said many, many times that I am not going to write a fourth book in the Dragonkeeper series. And I haven’t changed my mind about that. However, I have written another Dragonkeeper book. It doesn’t continue the story  after Dragon Moon though. It is a “prequel”. It is called Dragon Dawn and is set 100 years before Dragonkeeper starts and tells the story of Danzi when he was young and adventurous.

It will be out in October.

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  1. IJCW(I JUST CAN’T WAIT)!I am sooooooooooooooo getting matter how many books i still have
    to read or hw much money.I don’t even care if it will cost my life savings. I am still soooooooooooooooo getting that.its way better than the ASUS EEE PC!who cares about a labtop (if that is how you spell it).Mabey non book lovers do.but I don’t.Books are more important to me.What makes people say I learned how to read when I was 3 and a half and by my self,money? well text ya later bye!

  2. Sarah, Ella,
    Glad you like the cover. I imagined him with a slightly longer nose. But I think he looks pretty good

  3. Ryan,
    Not as yet, I’m afraid. It is the British publisher who makes the decision, not me. So perhaps you should email them and then they will know that people in UK are interested in the book.

  4. Rosaria,
    I’m glad to hear that reading is so important to you. I can assure you that it won’t cost your life savings to by the book…unless you aren’t very good at saving money.

  5. Hey havn’t posted in a while. The dragonkeeper series are my favourite books and I am over the Dragonmoon that you’re writing a prequal! I finished the third book months ago now and I can’t wait for this! I love the cover as well, it’s slightly different than what I expected a Chinese Dragon to look like. Bye for now, so cant wait for this!

  6. This is the first series that I cannot put down once I started the first page. I thought Harry Potter sucks me in more…but Dragonkeeper is the best!!
    I’m so excited to hear that the prequel of this trilogy is coming soon…You are a wonderful writer…even though I no longer a kid 🙂

  7. sry i havent commented lately, its coz i went to china for three weeks -sigh- it was alright, but i’m really tired, i’ll buy that book as soon as it comes out hopefully..

  8. dear carole

    befor i read dragonkeeper i didnt like reading that much… but then i read dragonkeeper and now i love books!!! dragonkeeper is the book that got me into reading.

  9. A few months before I read DragonKeeper,I never liked reading books.How I got the book was when I needed one for my readinglog.I have to admit,I’ve never seen DragonKeeper at Borders.I’ve only seen Garden of the PurpleDragon.When I was looking,I saw this cool cover of a dragon on it.My dad said it looks like a good book.But I didn’t want it,I got a book about this clan of cats,when I was done,I got the same book,but it was different.When I was done with that,I saw Garden of the PurpleDragon again.I grabbed it and read the back.It did look like a good book.I got the book and when I came home,I rushed to my room and started reading it.I was sooooooo good,that I read it for SIX hours without taking a break!And I was finished reading it in just three days.I ordered the other books off of amazon.You write the best books in the whole world!When will you write more books about dragons?

  10. HI Carole u write the best books! i got dragon keeper trioology on holidays and finished the whole seris in 1 week! i love them you so need to write more dragon books.plz tell me it will come out in My country first .AUstralia. i didn’t know so many countries had the seris!
    i love ya books im so gonna get it. bye

  11. Hay Carole u are totally ausome! You are a true aussie. I have loved dragons my whole entire life. Even though I don’t think of a dragon your way. Either way your books are cool. See ya!

  12. Ashlyn,
    It is only available in Australia at the moment.
    Very pleased to hear that Garden of the PD hooked you in.
    I have only just finished writing Dragon Dawn. So I won’t be writing any more dragon books for a while. I’ve written 5 in the last 5 years. So I want to do something different.

  13. Gabby,
    Dragon Dawn is only available in Australia at the moment. Deals with other countries come later.
    See my comment to Ashlyn above re other dragon books.
    You have to remember that it might take you a week to read, but it takes me a year to write a book.

    I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE DRAGONS so this will be great! and do you know in wich bookshops in Canberra i could find the dragon companion? I loked in many places but no sight of it.please help!!!!!!!!


  15. Rosaria,
    Any bookshop should order it in for you if they haven’t got it in stock.
    I know that Jacaranda definitely has it in stock as I was there recently. They are at 15 Bowman St, Macquarie. But ring first in case they’ve sold out.

  16. where can i purchase dragon dawn!?

    i simply adore your books, hope to hear from you!

  17. oh that is SO great! i hope it will be out in Hong Kong soon :), but i can still ask my friend in Melbourne to help me buy it 🙂

    but i bought Dragon Moon just a few days ago, so i’ll have to catch up with everything quickly 🙂

  18. ARRRRRR YAY ive just got back from NZ and this is the best news i heard so far YAY i am soo getting that book i cant wait…….

    Anyway u no how in that hatshepsut book you wrote u said that arceoholigists had said they had found a large female with hatshepsut…… well im starting to think that is hatshepsut and the wet nurse may just be a fake…… i found a website with a picture of hatshepsut when she went to punt – shes really obese if that is her anyway- i wonder what this means??????

  19. Hey, This is the first time I’ve ever written on this. I bought your book today, the first one and I love it. I’m glad to hear you have released a new book but I have to wait and read the other ones first, I’m only 50 pages in and I am already convinced you are a gifted writer. I never really was fully interested in dragons and stuff but now I like them. Some of the illistrations on your book covers are how I imagined them. But who cares, everyone imagines many things in many different ways.

  20. owww yeh i no i figgured that out although what i cant understand is that there are not many traces of punt?????

  21. Connor,
    The paintings in Hatshepsut’s Temple show the buildings in Punt as sort of huts on stilts. They would have just rotted away without leaving a trace.

  22. Hey its me, I havent posted on one of your blogs for a while but I just popped by and saw the new Dragonkeeper book. It looks great! I’m gonna get it.

  23. hey! i can’t wait for the book! i think that danzi’s nose is a little funny and i expected fangs. i like the ides of a prequel.

  24. I can’t wait to read it. I loved the Dragonkeeper series. The cover is different and interesting but still cool. I was sorta hoping there’d be another book.

  25. Hi i have read the first two books Dragon Keeper and and Garden of The Purple Dragon and i loved them and right now i am read Dragon Moon i am at the part when Ping leaves Bei Bei Palace and i can’t wait to finsh it and then read the next book and keep up the good writing and i will proboly go on this later on in this year once i have finshed the book any i have to go bye.

  26. will dragon dawn be out by january please leave me a reply to my first comment ever

  27. sorry for the other two messages but do you have any idea if there will be a sequel to the prequel and how many pages are in dragon dawn

  28. Carole,
    I really enjoyed your books. I’m very sad to here that you will not be writing any more dragon books for a while. After i read each one of your Dragon Keeper books I went out and bought them because they touched my heart so deeply. (and even though im a guy I cried at parts of all of the books) I wanted to know if Dragon Dawn will come out in the U.S. soon. Also I hope that you would take in consideration that everyone especially me (possibly your biggest fan in the world)really wants a book to follow up on Dragon Moon. Thank you for listening. (if this isn’t some possibly guy who manages the site for you)(which I doubt)

  29. Omar,
    The US publisher has not agreed to publish Dragon Dawn yet, so it certainly won’t be out there in January.
    I have no plans to write any other Dragonkeeper books at the moment. Sequels, prequels or sequels to prequels.
    Dragon Dawn is not a big book. It is 104 pages.
    If you want to contact the US publisher (to suggest that they might publish Dragon Dawn) their contact details are in the right hand column on my Books page at

  30. Taylor,
    There is a guy (Chris) who does a very good job of managing my website. But I write the comments on the blog, and everything else as well. He just puts it all up and makes it look beautiful.
    I’m very pleased to hear that the books touched you, but I still don’t have any plans to write another one. My heart wouldn’t be in it.

  31. Omar,
    I have only just finished writing Dragon Dawn. I now need a change. I may write more books about dragons in the future.

  32. Carole I reckon if you write a book about what happened on the Isle of the Blest it would sell big time or maybe even a book about Ping and Kai being united.

  33. My school has that book but so many people had reserved it and I don’t think I’d get a chance to read it. So now I’m going to ask my mum to buy the book. I totally love dragons and I hope some day you’ll write another book.

  34. omg omg omg
    u have definitely heard this before, and maybe getting tired of it but i LOVE the dragonkeeper series. It is my favourite. I am so happy there’s another one. Is it going to come out in Australia?????

  35. Mon,
    I am Australian so my books come out in Australia first, and often only in Australia.
    Dragon Dawn has been out since September.

  36. Hi Carole, I was looking in an online bookstore tonight and discovered Dragon Dawn. I will have to go get it on Monday. My eldest who reads just about anything discovered Dragonkeeper in Grade 6. Another class was reading it and she asked the teacher if she could borrow the book off her over the school holidays. When she finished in a matter of days she handed it to me and said “Mum, you have to read it.” Like her I couldn’t put it down! My 6 year old who could read novels at the age of 3 was looking for a new book so we handed it to her. The night she finished it she looked at me with tears on her cheeks and said “that was the best book ever” I have four kids and they have all read your Dragon books and love them. We have them all and the dragon companion. My son also has the Ramose books I just haven’t got around to reading them yet. My son also saw you with a school group at V.U. Sunbury last year. Thank you for inspiring my youngest to tackle larger books. We love your stories!

  37. I read the first part of it. It also said to rita!
    I kinda laughed and then I asked myself why? So here it is why?

  38. ah i want to buy that book … but i can’t buy it … but it seem to looks cool. my friend showed about dragon keeper and i was interested at dragon things and adventure so i started to reading it but i can’t but any more book from bookstore (because i’m living at Vietnam (northerneast Asia) but im gong to buy that book some how and thanks for writing nice book MS.Carole

  39. Hi
    I have bought the book and it is reallly really good.
    Even my mum is going to read it. Please write another cool series about dragons

  40. glad tat you wrote another book.. just read finished dragon moon and already fell in love with it!! but don’t really think that i’ll get this book as i live in Sinapore…:( anyway, continue writing books!! i’m sure to read it if i come by one!! oh, and thanks for writing such awesome books!!

  41. Gosh! I havn’t checked this blog for a long long long time, this was a very positive surprise for me! Thank you for being uch a wonderful auther!

  42. Hey. Did you know Carole’s book Dragon Dawn is not coming out in America. If you think this is unfair. Email me at and I will give you the details how to contact the publisher. And maybe if they get enough letters they will publish it. Please contact me.

  43. Curtis,
    Thanks for doing that. If readers get in touch with Hyperion, they might change their mind. They don’t seem to have an email address for public use. These are the contact details I have.

    Hyperion Books for Children
    Mail: 114 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
    Tel: (212) 633-4400

  44. Hi Carole I’ve read Dragonkeeper and I’m halfway through Dragon Moon.

    I wonder why no-one’s posted since last year..

  45. Rosie,
    I hope you enjoy Dragon Moon.
    I wrote this blog post a year and a half ago. People have commented on some of my more recent blogs.
    Maybe people are busy with school work. Or sick of making Dragonkeeper comments!

  46. Hey Carol!
    I discovered your books in sixth grade and fell in love. I felt as if I was actually experiencing everything Ping did! I felt torn when Danzi left and Kai went to stay with the other dragons.
    I am very sad that Dragon Dawn is not coming out in america! I was looking forward to another book! :'(
    You are one of my favorite authors and you are one person who inspired me to write my emotions, and write what I want, not what other people are asking me. I am so glad that your books came into my life. It may never be the same.
    I have done three projects on your books and am reading the first one for the third time now. 🙂
    I have also recommended this book to many people and my mom loves it too!
    I wonder if I am aloud to post a site, because I would like you to read some of my short stories too.
    Well, thanks for being such an awesome author.
    -Ray (Zoey)

  47. Dear Ray,
    Thanks for your kind words about the Dragonkeeper books. I am disappointed Dragon Dawn is not being published in America as well.
    I’m very pleased that I have inspired you with your own writing, and thanks for doing those projects about my books, and recommending them to others.
    Do you mean you want to put a web address here on my blog for a site where you have stories? You can certainly do that. Or do you mean you want to post your story on my blog.
    I do have a policy of not commenting or giving editorial advice to other people about their stories. You may think that’s mean, but I do have my reasons.
    Best of luck with your writing.

  48. Hi Carole,
    I love reading the books you wrote. I have already read the 3 Dragon Keeper series.I’m from Hong Kong, I tried searching the Dragon Dawn but it seems quiet difficult to find it but i won’t quit for sure. I can’t wait to read it! Thank-x 4 writing all these books for us to read!:)

  49. Limgee,
    Dragon Dawn has only been published in Australia and the UK. Perhaps there is a bookshop in HK that could get it in for you, otherwise buying it on the internet is the only way.
    I’m glad that you have enjoyed the other three books.

  50. Hi Carole,
    just wondering when the next dragon keeper book will come out and what it will be called

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