Off to the Capital

Next week I am going to Canberra to do some research, and while I’m there I will be appearing at Jacaranda Bookshop. There will be a book signing at 3pm and a presentation for teachers and librarians at 4pm. Both are free events but bookings are essential.

Date:   Thurs 18 Sep

Place:   Jacaranda

15 Bowman St, Macquarie, 2614

Phone: 6251 5029


I hope to see some of my Canberra readers there.

9 responses to “Off to the Capital

  1. Cool I was in Canberra just a little while ago, it’s very cold there. Have you already been there??

  2. Cool I live in canberra maybe i will see you around. now ive finished my English project on ur book i can actually can go out with my friends and hav a socail life.

  3. Oh no!
    I missed that. its all my fault that the computer was broken.Carol when will you come back to Canberra.I hope soon. I was going crazy aboutthat day but I missed it.I feel so unhappy because you are my idol!(tear)

  4. oh ok then.i hope i get to see you in Melbourn (i that is how you spell it).i might be going there next year.

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