Storylines Festival

I have just returned home after a hectic week or so in New Zealand at the Storylines Festival. I appeared at free Family Days in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, along with well-known UK author and illustrator Babette Cole and many NZ authors and illustrators including Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley, Gavin Bishop and Kyle Mewburn.

The Family Days had a full program of authors talking about their books, book readings, illustrators creating. There were activities for kids to take part in, and theatre performances by some school groups, based on visiting authors’ books. Students from Auckland Normal Intermediate and Heaton Intermediate School did terrific performances from my book Ramose: Prince in Exile.

Here are some photos I took.

9 responses to “Storylines Festival

  1. Hey havn’t posted in a while! Im halfway through DragonMoon now its brilliant! Wow New Zealand looks amazing, I have never read Ramose, but I might buy it sometime after finishing DragonMoon, Bye for now!

  2. hi carole,
    havent blogged for awhile, i’ve been a bit busy,its looks like people had a great time.

  3. hey that picture of heaton readers is me, your book is awesome. Please come again to the storylines festival.


  4. Liam,
    I’d like to come to Storylines again, but the organisers would have to invite me first. I suspect they like a bit of variety and invite different authors each year.

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