Medieval Faire

The State Library of Victoria is holding a Medieval Faire this Saturday (20 April) from 10-4. There are lots of interesting-looking events and activities including opportunities to learn how to sword fight, try drawing dragons and dress up in Medieval clothes. There are story-telling sessions and performances of Medieval music. It’s all to accompany The Medieval Imagination, a terrific exhibition of Medieval illuminated manuscripts (which I’ve already been to twice). The exhibition and the Faire are all free.

The reason I mention this, apart from it being a great event, is that I will be there speaking about Medieval dragons in my book Dragon Companion. This will be from 1.30-2.15 in the Theatrette (Entry 3, LaTrobe St). So I hope to see some of my Melbourne readers there. Remember it’s free!

The State Library is on the corner of Swanston St and LaTrobe St in Melbourne.

8 responses to “Medieval Faire

  1. i finally managed to get the dragon’s companion! it’s very good! their is so much info, i never knew this many sorts of dragons and dragon stories existed!

  2. 🙁 i’m sad now i should’ve checked your website last week, i could’ve done so many things, but i guess i wouldn’t have been able to go because of chinese school, oh well, i hope u had a great time!

  3. Sarah,
    Thanks for persisting, I’m glad you liked Dragon Companion. I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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