Dragon Moon Shortlisting

The shortlist for this year’s NSW Premier’s Literary Awards have just been announced, and…Dragon Moon has been nominated for the Patricia Wrightson Award. I’m delighted, of course. That’s two shortlistings for the book. The winners will be announced on 19 May.

You can see all the other shortlisted books here. It’s a tough field, with Li Cunxin and Emily Rodda among the shortlistees.

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  1. We will keep our best hopes for ya!

    I really enjoyed Dragon Moon very much, I’m both happy and sad that the serie has ended.
    I read Dragon Moon last night, the whole night, I couldn’t let go of it. Then I slept for four hours before going to town with a friend. During those four hour I dreamed about seeing Kai in the moonlight….

  2. ^^ I just kept telling myself “just one more chapter…just one more…” It was soooo exciting! and I will read it again and again!

  3. i will be glad when u win! i’m sure u will! but u’r right in a sense. emily and li are very good, i have read their books, good luck!

  4. Just started reading the series finished Dragon Keeper tonight started 3 days ago can’t wait to get the other 2 books and read em!

  5. aah, so “Dragon Moon” has been released now!!
    hope it’ll be out in my country soon and I hope you win too ^^

  6. Henny,
    Dragon Moon has been out in Australia for nearly a year. I don’t know which country you are from, so I don’t know when it will be out where you are. Anyway it’s better to ask the publishers. I don’t always know when it’s coming out in other countries.
    Thanks for your good wishes.

  7. Yeah, I’ve already asked Kinokuniya Bookshop in my country ( I live in Jakarta anw ), but they’re out of stock, and they don’t know when will it be available again, too bad, guess I have to wait a little bit longer 🙁


  9. Mathew,
    Thanks for your comments. Actually Dragon Moon is already available in USA. It came out early in May. If you’re local bookshop hasn’t got it in, you could ask them to order it for you.

  10. The Dragonkeeper series is the best story I have ever read!

    I’m 13 and it took me about 3 days to read the whole series as I was absolutely glued to each book.

    Dragon moon was definitely the best and I could picture [plot spoiler removed] perfectly because of your talented writing.

    I love writing and your trilogy has poured gas on the fire of my love for books.


  11. it just got the book today i cant belive it i will stay up all night reading it thank you carole good luck i am sure you will win the award once again thank you for writing the books i really love them:);)%)

  12. hello Carole, im in yr 7 and i love your books.
    i was wondering if you were going to write any other books now…..hehe uummm anyway i have an assignment to do on dragonkeeper…. and i was wondering once again if u can check it:) there is aout 21 questions and 3 of the questions i need help with and then i thought about it if u could help me?? would that be ok? because its due on Monday (tmr)
    Nice talking to you
    P.s: sorry for the long msg! and if u could check it please lt me know by sending me back a msg or on my hotmail thx!:):)

  13. Hi Carole! Umm, I’m a really big fan of the Dragon Keeper series and I just wanted to say that I fell in love with your books! I’m really happy that Kai was safe in the end, but I’m still sort of sad about the ending, but it still was a great story! I also just wanted to ask if Dragon Keeper will ever be a movie??? Please reply!

  14. I love the dragon keeper series! They are so cool!
    My teacher says you are visiting New Zealand on tuesday and you are coming to our school. I was so excited when I heard that. good luck!

  15. Abbie,
    Glad to hear you like the books.
    Yes I am leaving for NZ in the morning. I guess I will see you on Tuesday.

  16. I have read all of your books with the dragon keeping series…. I have enjoyed all of them very much….. the last one was very sad but… also very very very good!!!!!!!!! I would wish that you would write one more and also that they would make a movie series…. that would be amazing!!!!!! if you haven’t read all of them i hope you guys do cause t hey are awesome… something you wont want to put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Katherine,
    Did I miss answering this comment? I might have answered a similar comment from you on another post. Anyway if I did miss it sorry.
    re: Dragonkeeper being made into a movie, see my FAQs.

  18. Kelly,
    I thought I had answered your comment too, but I don’t see my reply.
    So, sorry about that. I hope you did well with your assignment.

  19. Hi Carole!

    I`m from Germany and i finnished now Dragon Moon (or in German: Im Zeichen des Drachenmondes). I really love this trilogy, but in the end i was a little bit sad that Ping will [plot spoiler removed]. Now i have a question. Can Ping still uses her qi, if she wants? And which
    online translator did you use for your books?

  20. Hi drachenkonigin,
    I’m glad to hear you liked Dragon Moon, even if you did find the ending a bit sad.
    Yes, everyone has qi, so there’s no reason why Ping couldn’t still use hers if she wanted to. She’d have to do the excercises and get lots of sun and eat the right food though.
    I mainly used hardcopy Chinese dictionary, though towards the end I used an online dictionary/translator called Dim Sum.

  21. That series of “Dragon Keeper” were the best books I’ve ever read in my entire life. Ever since I’ve read those books my favorite creature was a dragon. At the end of “Dragon Moon” I cried for three hours. I can’t believe Ping will never see Kai again. But is Danzi really dead? Please reply Carole.

  22. The first book of the trilogy I read was “Garden of the Purple Dragon.” I read it for an assignment in school. Then I went online to see who you were. Then I found out there were more of your books. I asked my dad right away after I saw the other books if I could get them. Good thing I did because they were the best books ever.

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