I am in the middle of my first visit to an overseas school. I’m in Shanghai in China!

I’ll put up some pictures when I can get them onto my computer. It’s very exciting. I’m at the Shanghai American School, which is a school for the kids of people who work here. They come from all over the world—Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Britain and the US. It’s a huge school with around 3000 students. By the end of this week I will have done workshops with all the middle school students.

If I’ve been a bit slow responding to emails and blog comments, I hope you’ll understand.

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  1. I loved your first dragon keeper book and I’m so looking forward to reading the second and third book.
    where is the best place to get Garden of the purple dragon, dragon moon, and dragon compation?
    dragon keeper was so good, wall I let my friend read tidbits of the book and than should couldn’t wait till I finished it so she could read it.
    I’m trying to writ a book I’ev started it’ so do you have any advice?
    I google earthed woo-chung (I don’t know how to spell it so I put the pronunciation) and its a ice city.

    A Fan,
    Leah Spink

  2. Hey Carole Wilkinson, nice job at the presentation today at SAS. It sure got chaotic during the workshop discussions!

    P.S The boy in the orange shirt who kept pressing you to reveal the details about the current book you’re working on, his name is Roger, and as far as I’m concerned, he is a big fan of dragons, and your books.

  3. Hi Carole,
    that’s really cool!! my parents are from Shanghai and I’ve been there maybe 3 or 4 times. You’re lucky it’s cold there now, well I guess it’s becoming hotter. It sounds as if you’ve been travelling a lot lately. Have fun.
    From Vivienne

  4. I am a 6th grade student at Shanghai American School. It was such a good experience for me, a future writer. to listen to an author talk.
    In my Language Arts class (one of my favorite subjects =D), we are reading Dragon Keeper, and we have a project on it.
    I only read the first few chapters so far, but I love it! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Dragon Keeper series.
    Again, thank you! =)

  5. Hello, I havn’t been here for a while. I usually read DragonMoon at night, and im usuallt tired, so im almost to the middle of the book. (I got it in February and im still not at the middle!!) anyway, good luck at Shanghai, i’ve never been to China, hope you take lots of pics! Do you know when or if the Dragon Companion is coming to the UK? I love you’re books, so i’ll get it if I see it!!

  6. Jemmy,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed my presentation. Yes the workshops can get pretty hectic, but that’s what it’s all about.
    I remember Roger. He was a good participator in the workshops.

  7. Vivienne,
    I have finished my work at the school today, so now I get to explore Shanghai. I’m looking forward to it. The weather isn’t too bad, cool but not cold.

  8. Shinhee,
    I’m so glad to hear that you found my talks useful. I always hope that I can encourage young writers. Good luck with your writing, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Dragonkeeper.

  9. Danny,
    I’m afraid no British publisher has taken up Dragon Companion yet.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of Dragon Moon.

  10. Hello, i was the kid that Jemmy Yang liu was talking about. The books you are writing our good and i hope that our school librarians would continue ordering them.

    I know it is bad to press about details in the new book, but can you post something about it soon and contact me on E-Mail. Also, i have inspiration for writing. if i have time, maybe i will send the inspiration and notes for you. And if i have time, the outline. However the writing process might take place during the summer holidays, for i do not have time in school days and i need to concentrate in my schoolwork and to get good grades.

    Please continue to send in more books!!

  11. Hi Roger,
    Good to hear from you. I will post about my upcoming books, but not until I get back home.
    Glad to hear you are getting inspired about writing. Good luck with your school work.

  12. Dear Carole,
    I’m so envious that it’s cool in Shanghai, why can’t Melbourne be the same, today, it was 39 degrees and everyone in class was absolutley dieing. Can you also read my second comment in ‘The Times’Blog?
    From Vivienne

  13. hi! i just got a new e-mail address,i haven’t written in for a long time. when r u coming back from shanghai? hope u like china,wish i can go back soon. did u get to visit some famous sites?

  14. Sarah,
    I am back at home now. I will do a blog about Shanghai once I get the photos off my camera and onto the computer (I lost the cable).

  15. Hi again,

    sorry i haven’t been on for a long time i had to keep going back and forth to hospital….

    Shanghia awsome always wanted to go to China… 3000 students at a school.. well shanghia is the most populated city on earth!

  16. Sarah,
    I am going to Sydney for the Sydney Writers Festival and doing primary school sessions (don’t know how old you are) 19, 20 May. Your teacher would have to book your school in.
    Also I will be at the Children’s bookshop in Beecroft Mon 19 May 5-7. You have to book for that.

  17. Hello,
    I was just looking for information about you for my assignment in your website and ventured here….. looking at some of the comments above, you said you were writing another book…. what is it about and what is the name?

  18. hello,
    Sorry, it’s me again…. I don’t have Dragon Moon at hand right now and I forgot the name of the guy who bought Ping a horse…. what was it again? Anyway, congrats on the award for the book….it was such a good read! I loved it!

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