Dragons in New York

There are a surprising number of dragons in New York. While I was there, I was always coming across them. On buildings…..


In museums…..


And in toy shops. This is the toyshop FAO Schwartz that was in the film Big. And these Harry Potter dragons were BIG, about 3 metres high.


And…..I had a personal encounter with a dragon


20 responses to “Dragons in New York

  1. Wow, some of those dragons look really weird! And that dragon your standing by looks massive!! Only two months left untill DragonMoon is released! I hope it dont get delayed, do you know the day when it is out? Please let me know if you know the date. Bye

  2. Danny! DRAGON MOON is released on 1st Feb! I cannot wait! I love the cover too. My fav of the series. It kind of reflects the UK Cover for DRAGONKEEPER.

    Carole, have you recieved your copies yet? When I got the hardback of GOTPD, I thought! WOW! This is beautiful. I like the gold casing. lol. I bet DRAGON MOON will be beautiful. The cover is amazing!

    I cant wait to read it!

  3. Wow, I would have loved to have been there to see the dragon in the last photo! It’s body looks so real. When I first looked at it it sort of made me think of Danzi, but hmm.. now that I look at it a bit more I’m thinking maybe not. The face is a bit long to how I’ve imagined Danzi and the mouth is a bit different.

  4. carole,
    is the last picture of you and the dragon what you pictured Danzi to be like?
    P.S I imagined a lighter green.

  5. Maddison,
    No not really. The dragon in the picture isn’t a Chinese dragon. I also imagined him as a lighter green but with a more slender boy and one set of horns and the side whiskers that Chinese dragons always have.

  6. Sarah,
    I guess I left it up to my readers to imagine what Ping looks like. In Dragonkeeper, I didn’t think that Ping would have had cubby cheeks like Tiffany did when she was younger. Ping didn’t get too much to eat.

  7. hmm, not sure about slaves girls, but none of the the people on the chinese series and films i’ve watch had ponytails,they all had some jewelry.oh well, they were servants.

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