Dragon Companion Launch

This is the invitation to the Dragon Companion Launch in Melbourne on 21st Oct. I’m hoping lots of people will come and help me and Dean Jones (the illustrator) celebrate the publication of this book. Click on the image to read the small print. If you want to find out about the book look here and here.


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  1. Hi, looks good, hope it’s published in UK by next year! I like dragons and this looks great! I cant go and see you, because I live half away on the globe than you! Good luck with the book, I hope you make more series of fanatasy books, Bye!

  2. Connor,
    It’s about all sorts of dragons from all over the world. It’s a dragon encyclopedia. I’ve added in some links to the post above where you can find out more information.

  3. Looks great Carole. I hope you get a UK publisher for it.

    I cannot wait to read DRAGONKEEPER: DRAGON MOON. Not that long now. Only… 110 days. Lol. So really its about 4 and a bit months! Argh! I dont know if I can wait that long. Lol

  4. dear carole,
    i’m hoping that i can go to the launch, i LOVE the Dragonkeeper series. i first read it during year 5 last year and then i got so stuck into the book that i didnt want to sleep. At school we are currently doing an author study at school and i chose to do it on you and i wanted to learn about you, we’re finding out information and i would like to see you in person
    from vivienne

  5. thx for answering my questions and talking! your the best! i think my mum will let me and i was hoping for a autograph (if that’s ok). i’ve also been considering becoming an author when i grow up

  6. sry for all these comments:) but i CAN go to the launch, my mum made the RSVP and i’m so happy, i’m going with either my mum or dad and my aunt and uncle and i’ll be wearing jeans and i wear glasses (just telling you so you can recognise me ^_^) ! by the way i forgot to as u 2 questions, what happened during your early life and how many siblings you had -if you find it personal or something u can email me sorry for asking, i just need to do the author study and i can’t really find this information on the internet, so yeh. i’m probably getting too overexcited!
    from viv,
    p.s, i think i might talk to you a lot

  7. Vivienne,
    Thats great. I’ll see you there. If I don’t recognise you, come up and introduce yourself.
    There is something about my life before I was a writer on the About page. Click on the header at the top of this page or go to
    If there’s anything else you want to know, you will have to ask me specific questions. I don’t know what sort of information you want. I have one brother.

  8. dear carole,
    specific questions, ok
    what happened during your childhood life in England
    What schools did you go to
    What are your achievements, like prizes, scholarships, etc.
    p.s, i was wondering if you were going to sign stuff at the reader’s digest on sunday and do we buy the books there for you to sign.

  9. i always forget to write something in the previous message, how long might the launch take?

  10. Vivienne,
    Nothing much happened in my childhood. The big event was when we emigrated to Australia. I went to Firs Estate Primary School in Derby, England and Woodville High School in Adelaide. I was just an average student. I did get some sort of scholarship for continuing education, but I didn’t use it as I didn’t go to university after school. It was a long time ago, I can’t remember what it was called.
    Yes I will be happy to sign books etc at the launch. You can bring yours with you, but it’s a book shop so there will be books for sale for those who want to buy them. The launch should last for about an hour.

  11. COOL!!! i’ll probably bring my Dragonkeeper book and a Forever friends bear (?) for you to sign ^^.

  12. carole,
    ur the best author ever!!!
    i would like u to read my poem:

    I am the traveller on the train,
    I may be konwn but I have no name,
    what have I done to deserve this punishment?,
    For I am caught up in the governments establishment,
    I dont really have a home,
    I feel sad; I am all alone,
    I feel the train softly sway,
    My emotions will soon pay,
    The government has decided to deceive,
    In every thing I believe,
    I am the traveller on the train,
    I hope you feel my pain
    By Roz

  13. i was reading viviennes coment what a concedence
    (soz about spellin!) im doin u for our author study too!!!^_^

  14. Roz,
    Thanks for choosing me for your author study. I hope you get a good mark for it. Thanks also for letting me read your poem. It is very atmospheric, well done.

  15. Hi. First time i have been to the site! I just finished reading the second book and it was really good! I don’t think the third book ahs been published in the us, but I wanted to make sure I don’t just keep missing it at the bookstores. I checked and it said on the site hardcover in australia and such.. but nothing about the us. Just making sure it isn’t published and wondering if you ahve any idea when it will be.
    thanks casey =]

    p.s. I was just lucky and got the last copy of the second book at the store(the garden of the purple dragon). Your books must be very popular!

  16. wow i feel silly. why didnt i look at FAQ’s earlier! o well now i know when it will ocme out! =]
    but i dont think i can wait that long! I do have a few books coming out in february that will hold me for a bit, but i really want to know if ping and kai make it to the mountian.

  17. Casey,
    I’m glad that you tracked down the info on my FAQs, people often don’t read them. I hope you enjoy Dragon Moon when you get hold of a copy.

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