Dragon Moon Overseas

The publishers who publish the Dragonkeeper series in other countries don’t always let me know when the books will be available. So I am grateful when overseas readers let me know.

Tamina tells me Dragon Moon will be out in Germany in February 2008, and Ryanne has let me know that it will be out in Hong Kong in April 2008.

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  1. Hmmm can’t wait to see there covers.
    But why don’t you get 1 publisher to publish your books and have them send the book all over the world???

  2. Connor,
    That’s not how it works. My publisher in Australia only publishes in Australia, it’s not a big company. They don’t have branches all over the world.

  3. Hi, I have read both the Dragon Keeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon to my oldest daughter and we both love the books. We are wondering when Dragon Moon will be available to purchase in the U.S.

    These stories are really, really wonderful. When I can buy the complete set I intend to send them as gifts to many other friends. Thank you for bringing to life such a wonderful story!

  4. Oooh….I hope it will come to sweden soon..I can bareley wait….I contacted the publishers and asked, hope they have an answer…

  5. Hi, Carole, i am 13 and i just love your DragonKeeper book! I have almost finished the first book, its great and i love it! I thought it would be released in the UK in ages, but i was surprised it is coming Feb 2008! Will read the second one soon! Bye.

  6. I got the response today, DragonMoon will have it’s Swedish release in April 2008…still 7 months to go…;_;

  7. o_o… wahhh I live in america.. thats it then, I will go on a plane and run away to australia…. then I will get the book muhahahahahaha then I will go home.. then I will cry because I didnt like the ending.. i mean, come on, I already read the plot *bad bad me* and.. its.. saaaaaaad whyyyy did u make her –???? why?? its not very good.. and what happens do danzi?

  8. Carole, The plot is on Wikipedia, i didnt read the plot, i wouldn’t want to spoil the third book! GOTPD is really good and Kai is so funny! I am nearlly half way through the book and i hope Danzi will return sometime! I will write back once i finish the second book, cant wait for third book! Bye.

  9. Danny,
    Thanks for that. I didn’t know the plot was on Wikipedia and in so much detail! I think I might edit it down so that it doesn’t give away the whole story. Glad you are enjoying GotPD.


  11. oh by the way, is Dragon Moon the last book?
    I hope not…they are too good to end that early…

  12. I loved the first dragonkeeper book. It was fantastic. I’ve bougtht GotPD and I’m just about to start reading it.I can’t wait.

  13. Hello, just wanted to say I love your books and I seem to be waiting a life time to get my hands on the thrid one. I live in the UK and appearently it will become avaliable in Feb 2008 is that true?

  14. Hi my name is Domi and i am from Australia
    I would just like to say that your Dragonkeeper series is so good!
    Is Dragon Moon out in Australia yet?
    I really want to read it!


  15. hello again

    Today I remember seeing your book in our school book fair, so i think its out in australia now!

    Your books rock!


  16. Ahh, I can’t wait that long for Dragon Moon to come to the US. Plus I have to wait a few weeks after for the US to send it to Guam.
    By the way, the Dragon Keeper Trilogy ROCKS!!!

  17. Jon,
    Thanks for that. As it happens I just visited my US publisher this afternoon. They said Dragon Moon will be out in the USA in May, which is a month earlier than I thought before.

  18. Awesome!
    A month less to wait.
    I did a book report (Poster) on Dragon Keeper today in school. I got an ‘A’ and my techer is going to hang it up.

  19. Carole Wilkinson,
    It is a pleasure to find your website. I was wondering if you could tell me whether the last book comes out June 08 or July 08. I have been waiting for the book for so long and once i get my hands on that book I’ll read it in 8 hours. I won’t even rest. You are a great author. i hope you can write even better books in the future. I am your #1 fan. lol
    Danny Yao of the United States of America

  20. Hey Carol,

    I loved both Dragonkeeper and GotPD but haven’t been able to find Dragon Moon in Australia.

    I am a really enthusiastic person when it comes to dragons and I wish you could write more story’s about ancient China and it’s mysteries.


  21. Oh my god, i’m so sorry Carole*

    I missed the e on my keyboard.

    -Is embarrased-

  22. Justin,
    Sorry for the slow response. I’ve been in China and your comment got lost. You should be able to get Dragon Moon at any good book shop. If they haven’t got it in stock, they should order it. If you have trouble, send me an email at mail@carolewilkinson.com.au and let me know whereabouts you live and we’ll see if we can track it down for you.

  23. blanca,
    I have written a new book that you might like. I will be blogging about it soon.
    Your English is excellent!

  24. thank you carole!!
    do you know the name of the book?? it might be difficult for me to find it but

  25. this is just to let you know that my sister(blanca) was telling me about your books and i was asking her all the time i saw her reading the book if danzi had died and she would just tell me she didn’t know(now that i know he died having an awesome baby dragon i don’t care)



  26. blanca,
    yes I know the name of the book. I don’t know yet if there will be a Spanish version. I will be blogging about it next week.

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