UK Dragon Moon Cover

Someone just sent me a picture of the UK Dragon Moon cover. (Thanks, Ryan.) Here it is.

UK Dragon Moon

It’s lovely isn’t it? It’s always exciting to see new covers. It’s the one part of the production of a novel that the author has little to do with…and in the case of overseas covers, nothing to do with. It’s interesting to see the different interpretations in different parts of the world.

The other UK covers have also been the USA covers, so I assume this will be the case for Dragon Moon as well.

Dragon Moon will be out in Feb or March next year in UK and July in USA.

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  1. I love the cover Carole. I cannot wait till February to read it. It comes out on 1st Feb according to

  2. ooh sooo cool why does aussie get the bad covers an not somrthin creepy….I perfer the u.k’s than ours and i guess people acttualy do judge a book by its cover sometimes

    where do your books sell best

  3. I read your last book and i thought it was great! all your books are a really great read and i thought you summed up the ending of ‘Dragon Moon’ and the series wonderfully. I hope that you keep on writing as your one of my favourite authors and if you decide to write another book for the ‘Dragonkeeper’ series i’am sure that many of your fans will also buy this book which i’am sure will be a great read. So thankyou Carole and i hope you keep writing like you are now for many years to come. JK

  4. Connor,
    I don’t agree with you. I think the Aust covers are best. I love the Aust Dragon Moon cover.
    My books sell best in Australia.

  5. JK,
    Glad you liked the ending of Dragon Moon. Not everyone is happy with it.
    I do intend to keep writing, but I have no plans for another Dragonkeeper book. Sorry.

  6. Carole,

    I think it’s just the colours that draw me in but Dragon Moon is the best cover of any of your Dragon Kepper books in Aussie

  7. Hi Carole… I was just wondering, when did the UK publishers recieve the manuscript for DRAGON MOON? Just a question I have. lol…

    I cannot wait to read it!

  8. Ryan,
    I don’t know. The overseas publications are handled by my Australian publisher via an agent. I am not involved at all. If I had to do all the negotiating for overseas editions I wouldn’t have time to write any new books!
    I would imagine they got it fairly soon after it was published here in Australia. But regardless of when they received it, they would have a publication schedule for it. It would be published a certain time after Garden of PD and it would have to fit in an overall schedule for all the other books they are publishing.

  9. That’s a very pretty cover. It’s defiantly different than the Aussie released ones, but it is very pretty.

  10. Sarah,
    That’s a very good question. Actually no one gets my permission. The overseas publisher gets permission to publish and translate from my Australian publisher (he always tells me of course). But the new publisher doesn’t have to get permission to change the cover. I don’t see it until the printed book arrives in the post (or in this case, someone in the other country sends me a pic).

  11. I can’t wait for your book to come out in hong kong next year in April!!!
    (I read the first book for 5 times and the second one for 3 times!!!)

  12. Ryanne,
    You certainly are a keen reader. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book 5 times. I am very flattered.
    I hope Dragon Moon is worth the wait.

  13. Hi, again Carole. This cover is very pretty, and very similar to the first book, where Ping is holding a lamp looking at Danzi. Cant wait for third book, i am going to start reading the second one, on the cover is cute Kai, he looks a lot like Danzi and his skin colour is very pretty, like his stone was! Bye.

  14. yes, i will start reading the second book by tommorrow or tonight! I am at the final chapter of DragonKeeper and it is sad when someone dies! It is a really great book and one of the best books i have read! Shame your not making a fourth one but everything has to come to an end. I will hurry reading the second book in time to read the third one, out Feb 2008(sooner than i thought!) I remember all the charcters in the book aswell as all the places there was, are they real places in China? and the words are very different to English, are they real Chinese words? I am interested in China and Dragons, dragons are amazing creatures! Good-Bye!

  15. Danny,
    Hope you enjoy GofPD.Some of the places are real, some are made up. Ming Yang Lodge is made up, so is Wucheng. Yes the Chinese names of places and people are all real Chinese words and they all mean something. For example Wucheng means Crow Town, and Lan means lazy.

  16. Thanks for telling me. Have started reading GOTPD up to third chapter, good so far, Kai is funny and reminds me of my dog! Im sure i will really enjoy it as much as the first book! Bye.

  17. i loved your dragon keeper books but i want it to go on to a 4th book!do u think you could write another book following dragon moon? any way i am going to start on your ramose books becase they also looks as interesting as your dragon keeper books!

  18. hi carole,
    when I read the chapter called “alone” I weept so much I couldnt read the what happened next because my eyes were filled with tears

  19. hi carole i really love your books i have all the dragon books you have i’ve even written reports for them and lots of people were so curious that they decided to buy the book and read it!anyways i really love your books


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