I’m in Mooloolaba. I’ve just finished my final talk at the Voices on the Coast Literature Festival here. The University of the Sunshine Coast was a great location, a very modern campus with lots of space and some wildlife.


It’s been a very busy couple of days talking to hundreds of school kids, with a lot of other writers. It’s always great to meet some of my readers, and to hang out with my writing colleagues.


Here I am with writers Krista Bell, Catherine Bateson, Greg Rogers and Karen Brookes.


More Voices writers: J C Burke, John Boyne and Jack Heath.

3 responses to “Voices

  1. I hope the weather is nicer up there than it is down here. I mean, yeah, we need the rain, but the high-speed winds are driving me mad!

  2. Mooloobala? Where in Australia is that? Hmph! The weather looks so great up there! It’s freezing here…=[
    Same here Krystal, we need rain but its kinda driving me crazy too >=x

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