Snake in the Letterbox

Yesterday I received a rattlesnake in the post! Regular visitors might remember that last year Dragonkeeper (of more correctly Huterin des Drachen) won the German children’s choice award called the Kalbacher Klapperschlange. And those with excellent memories might recall that Klapperschlange means rattlesnake.

Book awards come in all shapes and sizes—plaques, medals, glass sculptures—but this one is in the shape of a rattlesnake. I also got a certificate and the comments made by the children who judged the award (translated into English). Here is my Klapperschlange making friends with one of my dragons.

klapperschlange with dragon

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  1. You’ll have to keep us up to date on who wins the fight between the dragon and the rattlesnake (my money’s on the dragon – I reckon it could use its psychedelic colourings as a distraction).

    PS Is that book ‘Python’ about the Greek serpent at Delphi? If so I might have to borrow it some time!

  2. Dear Carole,

    Laugh out loud. That rattlesnake looks so cute. I would like to win an award like that. I really reckon that you deserved that award. The Dragonkeeper series are the best!

    Dragon Moon was the best book! I liked the ending except it was so sad. I was crying by the end of it. I thought Ping and Kai were a great team together! [Plot spoilers removed].

    I dream of Kai every night… even when it isn’t a Dragon Moon/ Full Moon.

    I loved the way you described your book so well. It felt as if it was real, and sometimes I get mixed up with the “DragonKeeper” world and the real world.

    Thank you for writing the book.
    Yours Truly, Josh F

    P.S I thought it might be cool if maybe you wrote a “DragonKeeper” hand guide and publish it. It doesn’t have to be long maybe 40 pages and it can tell us what happens to Ping and Kai in the years to come.

    Thankyou Once Again

  3. Chris,
    I thought they were making friends! Yes that’s the Python the book is about, its subtitle is A Study of Delphic Myth and its Origins.

  4. Thanks Josh,
    I had to edit your post a bit as you gave away some of the story for those who haven’t read the book.
    I like to think that readers will make up their own stories of what happens to the characters after the book finishes. Do you ever do that? I used to love doing that when I was a kid, I still do really.

  5. Dear Carole,

    I guess your right! Now that I think of it it would be better not write A “Dragonkeeper” hand guide as now you can imagine what happnes to Ping . It was beacuase I love your writing so much that I just wanted another book about your “DragonKeeper” books. I just can’t believe it’s over!!!

    Ooops… I didn’t realise that I had added so many spoilers into the comment. I am really sorry. I must of got too caried away. Thanks for removing them because I don’t want your book to be spoiled to those who are still reading it!!! Sorry it was an accident!

    I hope you have a great day

    Yours Faithfully

    Josh F

  6. Okay thanks for picking them up!

    Oh and i forgot to add this in my other comment: I almost always imagine what happens to the character after the story end. I find it very amusing. As Cornelia Funke mentioned in one of her books ” A story never really ends. The Authours have started it off for you and you’re left to your imagionation.”

    Josh F

  7. Oooh, Josh you’re right. My mind always wonders when I finish a series, and I create so many stories in my mind. So many, I have to put them on paper.

    Carole – I found a copy of Dragon moon! And I bought it. I’m gonna reread the entire series before i get to it, so I can remember everything that happens. I’m so excited!

  8. Krystal, that is very smart of you to re-read the series first. I was so exctied about the Dragon Moon that I started to read it straight away, without re-reading the other books. The Dragonkeeper series are the best. Krystal I hope you have fun reading Dragon Moon!

  9. Sorry for the double post, but OMG!
    Carole, you’re a genius! I loved Dragon Moon! I read it in about 2 hours, and enjoyed every minute of it. At the end, where [major key event that I am self-censoring] happened, I wanted to cry. It was so sad! You conveyed the depth of emotions really well! But everything was happy in the end, and that made me happy. Well done! Although I am sad that the series is now finished…

    And you were right, Carole. Your books ARE listed in Deakin library computers. They don’t have Dragon Moon yet though.

  10. Thanks Krystal.
    Good to hear that you enjoyed it. Everyone reads so fast…except me! It would take me at least four days to read a book that size.

  11. snake.. hmm very intresting indeed. i like snakes (after dragons of course) but i have herd superstious stuff about em too. dragon moon is STILL not here . that is why i avoide sequels the wating kills me .
    ps congrats!! fer the snake.

  12. Carole, I was born a bookworm. I read from an early age. That, and the train trip from where I live to Geelong is 2 hours long. I have nothing else to do.

  13. Sansthita,
    You are in Australia, aren’t you? All the bookshops should have the book by now. And if you don’t want to buy it your library should have it. If you are having trouble finding it and you let me know where you are, I can ask the distributer what’s going on.

  14. That’s weird beacuase every book store I have been to
    (except for 1 but that was because they had sold out) has got a copy of Dragon Moon

  15. Josh,
    I agree with you. Whenever I go to a bookshop I always check if they have my books, and usually they do.

  16. no i live in U.S.A. anyways thanks for the concern. it seems i HAVE to wait.

  17. Sansthita,
    That explains it. Dragon Moon isn’t due to be published in US till next year. And there is nothing I can do about that. The US publisher makes those decisions, I have no say. Sorry.

  18. it took me 2weeks and one day ton read the dragon keeper storys carole your not the only slow reader
    i think i’ll be able to read dragon moon in about a week hopefully and i’ve been reading other books like troll fell and troll mill but i don’t enjoy them as much as your books.i8’m trying to get my brother into reading it’s just i can’t get him too he just won’t read.
    Alec (9)

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