Garden of the Purple Dragon

Garden of the Purple Dragon

Garden of the Purple Dragon, the sequel to Dragonkeeper, is out now in Australia. Ping thinks she is safe hiding in the shadow of Tai Shan, where she struggles to care for Kai, the baby dragon she is responsible for. But even in her remote mountain hideout, Ping’s enemies find her. Who can she trust? It is impossible to tell friend from foe. The easy road beckons. Will they find sanctuary in the Garden of the Purple Dragon? Will Ping embrace her true destiny?

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  1. Garden of the purple dragon was a terrific read. It was so suspensful and Ping showed so much courage! I loved dragonkeeper too.

  2. Izzy and Phoebe: thanks for your kind comments. They give me a lot of encouragement as I’m writing the third Dragonkeeper book.

  3. you’re writing a third dragonkeeper book???!!!!!!!
    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what’s it called??????
    and when is it coming out??

  4. Lauren,
    The third Dragonkeeper book will be out in Australia next year. I don’t know when it will be out in US. I don’t know what it will be called. either. If you read my post called DK3, that says something about my writing. Not much though!

  5. i have read DK2 as your publisher calls you dragonkeeper triogy. I was shocked when [this post has been edited to remove a plot spoiler] please email my back

  6. Joseph,
    Sorry I had to edit your comment. I didn’t want to give away the story for those who haven’t read it. I’m glad you were shocked! I like to surprise my readers.

  7. Carole

    Congratulations on such wonderful novels in Dragonkeeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon!. I originally bought the book to pass onto my 2 children but go so engrossed in Ping’s adventures, and have raved so much about them to my work colleagues, that the books are doing the rounds and my kids will have to wait! I can’t wait for the next installment!

    Have you thought about making these into telemovies?

  8. Rebecca,
    Thanks. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the books. I’d love to have Dragonkeeper made into a movie, but it isn’t an easy process. First of all I have to find a producer who’s got millions of dollars to invest in the project. Not only that, I have to be sure that that they want to make the same sort of movie that I want to make. Once a writer sells the movie rights to a book, that’s it. They don’t get a say in how it’s done, so it’s not a matter of saying yes to the first person who comes along. It’s a matter of handing it over to someone I feel I can trust to take good care of Ping and Danzi.

  9. I have just finihed reading Dragonkeeper and Garden of the Purple Dragon for the second time. i have never read a series that manages to combine history with fantasy so successfully. Its simply amazing. I’ve recomended it to all my friends. Its also good to know that there is someone else out there with the same passion for dragons as me. I would just like to know two things from Carole: whats all this i hear about a third dragonkeeper book, and when did you discover your passion for dragons?

  10. Josh,
    Thanks for your kind comments. My interest in dragons started about 15 years ago when I wrote a telemovie about a dragon. After that I kept reading everything I could about dragons. Yes, I am writing a third book right now. I hope it will be out in May (in Australia).

  11. hi i’m an 11 year old school boy from East Maitland nsw i’ve read both books and they’re great!!! do you know when the third book will come out? (i can’t wait)

  12. ok thanks, after you finish the dragonkeeper trilogy, do you have any ideas on what to write.

  13. Hi, I stayed up most of the night reading your books. They are awesome and I cant wait until the next one comes out! It will be on my birthday list! Thankyou very much!

  14. Hi I LOVE DK2 its sooo interesting my friend has DK3 and she is half way through it. She said that I could borrow it when she’s finished.
    Love ur books

  15. I love ur books I’ve got DK3 and i’m halfway through its so interesting!
    I really wanted u 2 write another 1
    Luv ur books
    Paige xoxxoxoxooxx

  16. Kaitlyn, Paige,
    Glad you like the books. Sorry, Paige, I have no plans to write another Dragonkeeper book. I’ll write other books though.

  17. i think your books are really good they are so different to any other books. i am really excited about the third book coming out. my brothers love reading your books as well. plz write more of the dragon keeper books plz plz plz plz plz plz

  18. Kate,
    Pleased to hear you and your brothers have enjoyed the books, but I’m sorry I have no plans to write another one. The story felt finished to me.

  19. i think your books are great i`ve read book 1 and book 2 im glad you made the books are you going to make a book 3 and a book 4 email me back

  20. Hi. I absolutely love the dragonkeeper trilogy!!! I just finished reading the last one dragon moon. i really like books with kinds of fantasy and things. plz write another dragonkeeper book! I thought the ending was sad, I want to know what happens next! There’s probably no point in suggesting to write another `cause it’s a trilogy,but still, plz write another! i think the series is really great, i’d love to see another book. it wouldn’t have to be a kind of 4th book; maybe a book about a next generation of dragons??? sorry, i’m not good at coming up with ideas, but i would really like 2 see another book

  21. Rachael,
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed the books. I am ready to have a change and write something else. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas. I just want a change. If I wrote another DK book when I didn’t really want to it wouldn’t be any good anyway. Sorry.

  22. I loved the sequal the garden of the Purple Dragon. I havnt read the third book yet but i cant wait to. I think you are a great writer.

  23. Hey Carole,
    I was just wondering if i could get a signed copy of your new book, dragon moon, i have waited one whole year for the book to come out and i am extreamly thrilled about it!
    Your book the only real one i like, i love the descriptive writing but at the same time it gets on with the story instead of dwelling on one thing. ;]
    I was also wondering what your email is?

  24. Very interesting books you’ve wrote there Carole. Though, I’ve only read the first book, wonder what happens to Hua. Pretty sad that Danzi left Ping. Anyways hope you can make it into a movie and i can tell you, i’ll be the first to buy it. Lots of luck.


  25. Gavin,
    Glad to hear you liked Dragon Keeper. If you read the second book you may find out what happened to Hua.
    I would love to make a movie, but unfortunately I don’t have millions of dollars. Maybe someone will one day.

  26. Dear Caroline,
    I loved your book,Dragonkeeper, and I cant wait to read the 2nd and 3rd. I hope you write a 4th.
    I live in Nigeria and I have asked all my aunts to get the other 2 for me.

    ERik in Nigeria

  27. Erik,
    great to hear from a reader in Nigeria. You’re the first! I’m afraid there won’t be a 4th book in the series. Sorry.

  28. I have just finished reading Dragon Moon.
    I nearly cried at the end.
    I have to say The dragonkeeper series are the best series ive read so far.
    I wish there will be a movie.
    I loved the books.
    I absolutely loved them.

  29. Dear Carole,
    i have recently finished reading your books and the were the BEST book i have EVER read!
    as many of the people said before me there realy should be a movie and i wish i could be some help for that wish to come true.
    some day i hope i can meet you because all of your books where SOOOOOOOOOOO moving!
    i want to be a writer like you one day for you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if there ever is a movie please tell me!
    (IF YOU CAN!)
    from Melinda!!!!!
    (dont forget to return this message please and Please try to make a movie!)
    (SORRY I BLABBED ON TO MUch BUT I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    (I REALLY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  30. Melinda,
    Very glad to hear that you enjoyed the books so much. THanks.
    Don’t worry, if ever anyone makes a movie of Dragonkeeper, I won’t be keeping it a secret. I will be shouting about it on my blog.

  31. I have been doing my english assignment on Dragonkeeper and I’m so glad I chose it instead of one of the other books. As part of my assignment I have to write a letter to 20th Century Fox and convince them to produce a movie based on Dragonkeeper. I really enjoyed the book so it has made the assignment easier for me. I can’t wait to read the second and third! 😀

  32. wow, your books are awsome-fullistic! I can’t wait till the third one comes out! I really think they should make the book into a movie cause it would be VERY interesting.

    (almost) Of all the books I’ve read, all of them became a movie, so i bet yours will be one too!!! Keep it up! Make the people SOOOO into your book that the movie peoples will be forced to make a movie of your book!!! WHOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!

  33. Hi,Carole,I’m Ashlyn. I’m a HUGE fan in Hawaii! Do you want your DragonKeeper made into a movie?[ [its my fave book.] Cause my aunt lives in Sanfrancisco. She has a boss that has plenty moviestar friends[mabey moviedirectors]and moviestars know moviedirectors right? So I was thinking that I call my aunt,[I have to ask my mom,cause she needs to know if I use long-distant calls]I tell her how good DragonKeeper is and it should be made into a movie,I give her my book,[I can always by another one,I got it for only two cents … in american money] she gives it to her boss,[he might give it to a movie director if he knows one]he gives it to one of his moviestar friends,and he or she gives it to a moviedirector,the director reads it,and if he or she likes it,they’ll make it into a movie! If that happens,my aunt will call me and I’ll email you about it. Do you like that idea? If you don’t,I wont do it. Its up to you to deside,its your book anyways. Please say yes or no. I REALLY want your book to be made into a movie! Please,please,please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  34. I got that pretty please thing off my comic called HydroKitty,its about a cat that lives in Tokyo Japan that wants water powers and become a superhero. Its really funny,I’m trying to publish it,so I can have money to go on a trip to Austrailia and Japan,my most wanted places to go. I’m also working on a book called,DragonBlood,about a dragon in the form of a human girl,and another one called,The Bilby’s Tale,about a bilby trying to save the human race from an evil dingo that has a gem that can destroy the world.The Bilby’s Tale is really funnny,my friend read it. But I bet it will not be published,I’m only twelve anyways….someday I will write as good as you Carole,you are an amazing writer and I love you books.

  35. Linda,
    The third book is out already, in most places.
    I can’t make people like my book. They have to choose to like it. Perhaps a movie maker will like it one day.

  36. Ashlyn,
    I don’t want you to get into trouble for making long-distance calls. Perhaps you could write to your aunt. I appreciate your enthusiasm for my book. My feeling about making the book into a movie is that if it is meant to happen, it will happen. It’s not something I have any control over.
    Your stories sound very interesting.

  37. Thanks for the info,I’ll write a letter to my aunt and send my DragonKeeper book to her.And when I do that,I’ll send you some of my drawings for the readers’ art page.I’m already finished with them,I just need an envelope that can hold them.

  38. YAY! I’ve finished your 2nd book! i finished it in 2 days…that’s an OK time, wasn’t it? I must admit that The Garden of the Purplr Dragon was a very heartbreaking story, especially in the middle. It was very frustrating how you could only watch(read) the story while the emperor and others tortured her…. All you can do is shout at the book. BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT ALTOGETHER SOOOOO GREAT!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO READING THE DRAGON MOON SOMETIME!!!!!!! Whoo-hoo! Rock on!

  39. WOW, your books must be REALLY popular! I’ve put on hold the book, ‘dragon Moon’ for about three weeks, and I finally got it!!!!! Now I can finally start!…. 🙂

  40. Oh, and I’m chinese too, so I love it when there’s a chinese word that just pops up, to some people they’d think that ‘qi’ is an IMPOSSIBLE word and that it just dosn’t exist! But when I look at ‘most’ of the words, it makes more sense and makes everything the funner!

  41. hey,i have been reading the 2nd and 3rd book of yours! it’s sooo.. good that have you ever thought of making it into a movie?

  42. hi carole!

    omg! omg! omg! i love your books!!! dragonkeeper rox!!! i love how you extend descriptions of such and such events, describing hoe ping feels and her reactions to problems within the story!
    you’ve just inspired me to write a book of my own. preferably fantasy. however, i don’t even know where or how by that matter to start!
    have you got any ideas?

  43. oh! carole, do you have an email account? can i have it? i can’t seem to get to your hyperlink. i think it’s my laggy computer. =D tanx!

  44. thanh,
    Thanks, glad you liked the books.
    I’m afraid you’ll have to thing of your own story ideas. That’s part of being a writer. Start small. Write a short story first. You don’t have to start with a novel. See my FAQ on writing.

  45. Just to tell you, even though I am finished with the series and moved on to other books, I will always remember yours as an entertaining, fun, adventurous book. Yours books will always be on my favorite list. I hope you will continue to write some more books, but if you think writing the Dragon Keeper’s series is enough, I would agree.

    Good Luck for whatever your going to do. 🙂

  46. Linda,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I don’t think that writing the Dragonkeeper series is enough. If you look at my books page you will see I have written lots of other books. I am always writing something. I like variety though.

  47. Hi carole,
    I am 11 years old and the dragonkeeper series is the best i have read in my life. I really hope you make a fourth one because the third one was very sad and i cried at the end…I beg you to make another dragonkeeper book because they are so good. I may have some ideas on the fourth book if you want any ideas, you can email me, dragon moon is so heartbreaking at the end… I really really really really hope you make another dragonkeeper book, i love them. Thank you 🙂

  48. i can’t find the book garden of the purple dragon but i’ve read Dragon moon and Dragonkeeper.I’m now starting to read your Dragon have to make it in a movie!! i totally agree.i suggest you should continue another dragon fantasy,also can i ask how did you get the idea of doing chinese dragons?i’m asian,and i understand most of the pin yin

  49. Catherine,
    Garden of the PD is still available. If your bookshop doesn’t have it, they can order it in.
    Or you can try your local/school library.
    I chose Chinese dragons because they are the only ones who are good. In the mythology of other countries, dragons are always mean and fire-breathing.

  50. yash,
    You make it sound so easy! Before you can publish books, you have to write them. Writing three more books would take me 4-5 years full-time work. At the moment I am writing other books.
    I’m glad to hear you like the books…maybe one day.

  51. what is dragon dawn about?if you call a movie director and ask them to make your books in a movie they might say yes?luv destiney

  52. I just finished reading all three books! I love them! they are entrancing!! I’ve been looking into finding a movie of the three if there is one. Maybe it doesnt need to be a big star movie director. it could just be a movie that only few people watch, I dont like the idea, but this book would be a hit movie. I am twelve, and I as a child between teenager, have alot of imagination. THIS book has given me he experience of a lifetime. Dragon Keeper has all sorts of twists and turns everywhere, and nobody would get bored with it!

  53. Misty,
    Great to hear that you liked the Dragonkeeper books. Thanks for the kind things you said about them.
    There isn’t a movie, not yet. Maybe one day. Even low budget movies cost a couple of million dollars.

  54. I have finished reading Dragon Moon and Dragon Keeper and they are fantastic!! Is Dragon Dawn the forth one if not I hope there will be a forth book and continuously go on until Ping becomes old. I also hope their will be movies of these book, doesn’t matter if they are cartoon. Anyway I am only 10 years old and these books are awesome. Sometimes I read these book to long and often get in trouble because I forget to do my chores. I have just introduced these book to my friend Blake and he loves it. People say that these book are for girls. Is it?

  55. Simon,
    Glad you enjoyed the books.
    No, Dragon Dawn is a ‘prequel’ set a 100 years before Dragonkeeper. There will be a fourth book, but it is set after Ping’s life time and I haven’t finished writing in yet.
    No the books are not for girls. They are for anyone who wants to read them. Male, female, young or old.

  56. Hi carol I love your books! I really think you should make movies of your Dragonkeeper books. I love the way Garden of the PD just gets all sad and then if Kai is there he says something funny to make you laugh. I have read books 1A- book 3 and I am finishing the Silver Door now. When I finish it I am buying book 4. ( Blood Brothers ) can you email me please?

  57. Riley,
    Glad you like the books. Hope you like Blood Brothers too. Silver Door? I don’t know that book.

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